Please note this page has been provided to help our existing tenants only and the contact details provided are not for new enquiries or to arrange viewings.

Here are a few items you may find helpful, please read these points before you call our emergency number;

Water Leaks

If you have a mains water leak we suggest you locate the stop tap and isolate the water into the property and then contact us. If you have water ingress from a ceiling either internally or externally try to mop water up and use buckets and then contact us.

Electrical Faults

If you find you have no power please check the mains fuse board and ensure all fuses are in the correct ON position, you can also try to re-set the fuse board by flicking the larger mains switches off for a minute or so and then turning them back on. If you still have no power please check with neighbouring properties if they are having the same problem, if they are then you will need to contact your electrical supplier as that suggests the problem is out of our control, we cannot assist with power cuts.

Please note it is the tenants responsibility to replace light bulbs, plug fuses aswell as smoke and carbon monoxide alarm batteries.

Security Alarm

If your security alarm is sounding and you do not know the number, please contact us to request the code however if you cannot reach us most alarms will stop sounding after 20-30 minutes. However they will start again when you next open the main access point to the property. It is sometimes helpful to try standard manufacturers codes such as 0000, 1234 or 4321.

Heating and Gas Failures

If your boiler or heating fails, please check first of all you still have a power supply to the boiler, some combination gas boilers have a fuse point at the side which must be switched to on and with a working fuse in the switch.

If you have the use any other heat source such as a gas fire please use this until the next morning when our office re-opens, it is unlikely we can get a plumber out to you during the night, we always aim to have someone with you within 12-24 hours, many systems have a source of hot water with an immersion for the hot water and a gas fire to help heat the home.

We hope this information is useful however if you still have a problem and it is out of our normal office hours please call us on 07745 260909

Please note this is a complimentary service and we do not guarantee your call will be answered immediately, please text or leave a message and we will ensure you call is returned as soon as possible.

Our office opening hours are Monday – Friday 9am -5pm and Saturdays 9am – 12noon.

We cannot authorise under any circumstances for you to instruct your own contractor if you choose to do this you are accepting responsibility for the payment of their invoice yourself, you must contact us first to inform us of the problem so we can authorise with the landlord to have a contractor called.